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UnlikelyMDs is a nonprofit through the umbrella of the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan (CFOS).

Unlikelies Stories

  • My goal is to make sure no person of color ever has that experience. I noticed that my predominantly white male colleagues who went in this field had this pathway that was relatively easy for them because their dad was a urologist; or their uncle was a urologist. And that’s why they make up a pretty good percentage of this field.

    Maria Uloko
  • So, your mentors may not look like you: Caleb Schroeder is white. I am not. He grew up in a rural part of California, in a working-class family. I moved around a lot and grew up in a very low-income environment. But he believed in me and pushed me. And I always say thank you to him when I do something in life.

    David Velasquez
  • I think one hidden challenge [of a career in medicine] is mental health and burnout. Being able to balance work, school, and research meant making sacrifices in other areas of my life.

    Dr. Stephanie Zhou

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Our community is full of people who want to help pave the path towards becoming a physician for disadvantaged students. We work to provide students with services that will support their journeys while educating future health professionals about the importance of lifestyle medicine. Come join our community of hope for a healthier future!


Everyone needs a little help along the way. Find a mentor, and sign up to be a mentor to pay it forward.

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We are a community of medical students, MDs and DOs seeking to SUPPORT STUDENTS from diverse, disadvantaged, or otherwise challenged or underprivileged backgrounds; we aim to provide hope, inspiration, and support through mentorship and community.

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