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Dr. Maria Uloko

MD, urology resident

Medicine has always been on my radar ever since I can remember. since my hippocampus was fully formed, I’ve always wanted to be a doctor; or at least I said I wanted to be a doctor…

Dr. Derrick Mobley

MD, med/peds resident

I graduated with a degree in biology, but not as a premed student. Afterwards, I first thought about going to podiatry school, or pharmacy school and I had offers for PhD programs at Princeton and other institutions.

Dr. Stephanie Zhou

I first found out about Medicine as a career option when I went to a high school that was in an upper-middle class area…

David Velasquez


Before I entered HS, we lost our home in Rosamond CA and then lived in a motel for the summer. We had moved almost every other year before that, but in my mind, that was normal…

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